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Hi, my name is Squinti and I am an engineer by profession. I started Squinti African Art because as a daughter of the continent, I am appalled at the bad press that Africa gets. I hope to erase misconceptions about Africa through this website. I was born in Cameroon and I have lived in, or visited, Nigeria, Zambia, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya. I was away from Africa for a few years and when I returned, I realized how much I missed African art, and when I came back to the US, Squinti African Art was born.

Our mission is to promote knowledge about Africa through African art and culture. On this site you will be able to buy art from different countries in Africa. Our art varies from sculptures to jewelry to paintings. The paintings range from paint and canvas to butterfly wing mosaics to banana leaf mosaics. Materials used for jewelry include tiger’s eye stone, haematite, coconut shell, sisal, cow hair, and ebony wood. We hope you will learn more about the Continent through the items you purchase. Thanks for visiting our site. Happy shopping!

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