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Blue tote


Blue tote bag with beaded tassels
13.5" x 14.5" wide
Country: South Africa

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From the artist:

I used shwe shwe fabric from South Africa. The designs of the shwe shwe fabric are made from patterned copper rollers that are brushed with weak acid solution.When bought from the store, it comes heavily starched and stiff , but softens once soaked in water.The stiffness of the fabric and the logo at the back, guarantee its authenticity.

I'm inspired mostly by the vibrant and colorful african wax print fabrics , wearing or carrying a piece made from the beautiful fabric makes a real statement. I've always loved the rich colors as well as the interesting mix of colors. I've also always loved creating beautiful things with my hands, this is what really inspires me. I love to see the successful execution of an idea.