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Ngozi Chimamanda Adichie (author of “Half of a Yellow Sun”) gave a great TEDTalks speech about how stereotypes are born. Basically, she cautions that if we only hear a single story about a group of people, we come to think of them only in that context and can not imagine them as anything else. I loved her book, and after listening to her speech I realize how intelligent she is. She really makes me proud to be Nigerian. The Youtube video of the speech is below.

about the author

I have been fortunate enough to live in different countries in Africa, and I take every opportunity to visit more. The countries I have been to include Nigeria, Cameroon, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Kenya. Cultures are unique in each country and I love the artwork in each country. Of course I love my continent too and I try to educate others about it through art.


  1. NG Okoro

    Very intelligent lady, sound speech. Cant believe I sat watching a 19-minute video!

  2. Tauana

    The single story is daerugons because, you are not getting the full story. Hearing only half of a story makes you jump to conclusions that could be wrong. When someone hears half of a story, hearing only one point of view, that person will believe everything they heard without thinking. For example, I heard my mom say the dentist appointment was cancelled, without hearing my dad’s side of the conversation. When the time came for the “dentist” appointment, I told my dad it had been rescheduled and he believed me, I missed it because I had only heard one point of view. I missed my appointment due to a misunderstanding and not getting the other half of the information I needed to make a conclusion. Because I had heard only my mom’s story, I immediately believed it and jumped to a conclusion thinking that story was true for both parents. Hearing one point of view keeps the other half of the story unknown. You cannot assume something with an unfinished story. It leaves you clinging to false knowledge. When you hear one thing, you assume it’s like that for the rest. Words spread fast, truth comes slow. A single story, is like only reading the Old Testament. It leaves a cliffhanger yet to be read. Now, missing a dentist appointment is not a big deal. Although judging someone for what they’re not, is different. It happens all the time, but stays hidden among the rest of the world. Judging, misunderstanding, hearing only what wants to be heard; these are the dangers of a single story.

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