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Celebrating Salif Keita, An African Legend August 25, 2016 – Posted in: Culture, News

Salif Keita is a Mandingo Afro-Pop singer and song-writer from Mali. He celebrated his 67th birthday on August 25, 2016. His golden voice is well-known throughout Africa. Some of his classic songs include Yamore which was a collaboration between Keita and the late  great Cesaria Evora. His haunting melodies always evoke images of home  (Africa) for us. Aside from his voice, Keita’s albinism makes him distinct. In his 2009 album La Difference, he urges us to…

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Ten Interesting Facts About Africa August 2, 2016 – Posted in: Travel

  Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Africa Africa has been referred to as the dark continent. This is a reflection of ignorance about Africa, rather than a reflection of the continent itself. Below are some interesting facts about Africa which you probably didn’t know Africa is larger than the United States, China, India, Argentina, and western Europe combined. The Sahara desert alone is bigger than the continental USA. There are 56 sovereign countries on…

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